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Market Research

SynergyTech provides a range of market research services that aim to assist our clients in developing both their sales and procurement strategies. It involves identifying the existing or target new market, then undertaking desktop and in-field research to understand the market conditions (regulations, pricing, suppliers/supplier loyalty, products/innovation, advertising and promotion), key personnel within the industry, supply chain structure, regional variations, and history of new entrants. The research will also investigate potential suppliers and distributors including understanding and analysing their capability, geographical reach, pricing, methodology and strategy to enable the client to make informed decisions.

Service Availability, Capability & Compliance Reporting

Complete analysis of a suppliers’ specific service offering or range of services
  • Service availability and capability mapping incorporating:
    • Geographical reach
    • Technical capability
    • Service reliability and performance
    • Commercial and Operational support structures (account management, customer support)
    • Service development strategy
  • Compliance rating and mapping against specified requirements
  • Gap and risk analysis, alternative solutions and supplier propositions
  • Analysis of any regulatory, contracting, billing or other trading constraints
  • Development of Service Availability Tables (SATs) for multiple providers
Price Benchmarking

Analysis of suppliers pricing strategies and trends
  • Price benchmarking for specific product ranges and services
  • Clear definition of services elements included or excluded from different offerings
  • Price trend analysis and price forecasting
Service Strategy

Understanding the supplier’s methodology and service offer strategy
  • Understanding and analysis of service to market alignment
  • Suppliers sales & marketing structure and support mechanism
  • Reliability on 3rd party suppliers and related risks
  • Service evolution plan